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Self order and payment terminals

Maximize Efficiency with OktoPOS Self Order and Click & Collect Terminals for Contactless Ordering and Payment

In restaurants, our terminals enable a seamless digital ordering experience: customers receive an RFID chip card where their orders are stored. After being notified via notification, guests collect their meals directly from the kitchen station.

Payment is made simply and conveniently upon leaving the restaurant via the chip card. In retail, customers select the desired products via a terminal, which are then displayed to the staff on a screen for processing. The completed order is then handed directly to the customer. Take advantage of our advanced solutions for optimized customer interaction.

Self Order Terminals

Kitchen station

Self Order Terminal


Integrated RFID card reader

Self order terminal at the counter


Restaurant, bar, tables/chairs

Restaurant interior

The aim is to offer guests an above-average experience, while the processes in the kitchen and at the checkout are digitized as efficiently as possible.

Each guest receives an RFID chip card at the entrance to the restaurant. The order placed at the self-order terminals is saved on this card. The guest takes a pager.

Station with pagers that are charging

The guest takes a pager.

Employee operates a kitchen monitor

When the various kitchen stations have processed the order on their kitchen monitors, they page the guest. The pager indicates the name of the kitchen station where the order can be picked up.

Checkout counter from the cashier's point of view

When leaving the restaurant, the order is called up and billed at the cash register using a chip card.

Customer card in credit card format

Individual screen formats

The Self Order Terminals run on screen sizes from 10" to 32" (Android).

Self order terminal in front of a restaurant counter
Self order terminal with sushi products in landscape format

Portrait and landscape layouts available

Self-order terminal in portrait format
Self order terminal on restaurant terrace

Taking orders on the terrace

Restaurants often struggle to take orders on the terrace or in remote areas. The shortage of skilled workers is hitting the restaurant industry particularly hard. With a mobile self-order terminal, you can counteract the lack of staff and at the same time enable your guests to order in a modern and efficient manner.

Vincent Vegan

Self Order and Pay Terminal

Restaurant counter with two self-order terminals next to it

Order and pay at the terminal

With the Self Order and Pay Terminal, the customer pays when placing the order. All common card payment methods such as VISA, Master Card, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay are possible.

Optionally, the terminal can be configured so that instead of card payment at the terminal, payment can also be made at a cash register.

Self order terminal attached to the counter
Display of the digital waiting list


With the waiting list monitor you inform your guests about the status of the order.

Individualized design

The Self Order and Pay Terminal is individualized with your corporate image. As a start screen of the self-order-terminal, you can show an individual picture or video. Your logo will be embedded and the background and font color will be set according to your specifications. You can also set your preferred font.

Click and collect-
ordering without a seller

With the Click and Collect terminal, customers can order goods in or in front of your store. The orders appear on a screen in the shop, are processed and handed over to the customer.

Order & Collect terminal on the outside of the shop window


Supermarket ZurHeide, interior

Place an order terminal at the entrance to your supermarket. Customers can place orders at the terminal for freshly prepared products and pick them up in the market.

Depending on the configuration, the order is paid at the terminal or later at the cash register.

Front view of a Click & Collect terminal

Queue management

Place a self-order terminal in front of the cash register. Waiting customers can place orders for small high-priced articles which are issued at the cash register.

Multiple people in a supermarket queue

Order terminal in a hardware store