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Extensive employee management system

OktoPOS offers comprehensive employee management, integrating all essential functions from shift planning and time tracking to managing vacation days and allowances. Create job postings directly in the system and seamlessly present them on your website.

Additionally, the integrated recruiting module significantly eases applicant management. You receive targeted support in selecting and managing candidates, which optimizes and simplifies the entire recruitment process.

Time and Attendance - OktoTime

Time recording with a tablet computer app.

Tablet with time tracking app

The time recording terminal OktoTime is connected to the OktoPOS Manager over the internet. New employees are entered in the OktoPOS Manager. The log times are directly visible in the OktoPOS Manager providing an overview of employees currently at work.

Communication between cloud and time recording terminal

With OktoTime, you get an overview of the worked time and the related personnel cost. The logged hours are valued according to contract data.

The logged times can be used for payrolls.

Time Recording Logs

The employee's time logs are available individually and cumulatively. The direct internet connection of the terminals makes reviewing log status in real time possible.

Display of employee times and costs
Overview of logged hours in OktoPOS Manager

Overview of logged hours


  • Employee selection
  • Function selection
  • Log-in / log-out
  • Logging with contactless chip card (RFID)
  • Employee files are managed in the OktoPOS Manager
  • Time recording data is sent in real time to the OktoPOS Manager
  • New employees are available on the terminals directly after creating a new employee file in the OktoPOS Manager
  • Reporting in the OktoPOS Manager
  • Personnel costs

System requirements

  • Software:
  • Android logo
  • Hardware:
  • Android tablet computer 7–10"
  • Data connection:
  •  Wi-Fi - Internet OktoTime transfers data with an internet connection directly to the OktoPOS Manager. If the internet is temporarily unavailable, the terminal saves the logs and sends them out later.

Shift planning

Integrated shift planning with linked to employee file and sales.

Three happy warehouse workers

Shift plans can be created easily in the OktoPOS Manager. Simply drag & drop staff in the slots of a pre-defined time slot.

Only staff that has the required qualification is available. The system checks for double entries and other restrictions dynamically and issues warnings accordingly.

Shift plan overview

In the overview, the shift plan for a week can be seen. The entire shift plan can be copied to another week with a click. This may apply to all or only selected functions as required.

Weekly schedule view in the personal management software

Weekly plan

Shift planning bar chart

The bar chart offers a good overview to ensure efficient shift planning by avoiding over- and understaffing.

Employee weekly overview with bar chart

Weekly bar chart

My shift plan

Employees can see their scheduled times and places online.


Different types of restrictions of single employees can be considered for the planning.

The shift planner will see a warning message should the employee be on vacation or have reached his working hours limit.

In the system configuration section, restrictions can be adjusted to only issue warning messages or to block employees from being staffed altogether.

The following restrictions are available:

  • Holiday
  • Sickness
  • Birthday
  • Rest periods
  • Colleagues
  • Branches
Example of a warning message in the employee shift plan

Warning message for shift plan restrictions


The shift plan can be published in the following ways:

Planning aids

Aside from the restrictions, there are other useful tools, supporting the shift planning.

These include information on the number of contractual hours, functions the employee is qualified for, branches and functions the employee has experience in as well as information on possible substitute employees.

A pie chart to represent employee experience

Employee’s experience


  • Planning in weekly overview
  • Planning by functions
  • Conflict management
  • Employee restrictions
  • Copy function
  • Accumulation of hours by employee
  • Bar chart
  • Employee access (“My Shift Plan”)
  • Distribution of shift plan by e-mail
  • PDF shift plan
  • Reports by branches and functions
  • Shift templates
  • Sales / labor cost / labor cost ratios
  • Planning aids (information about employees)

Employee management

Satisfied employees

Contract data is saved in the central database. Access rights for front-end modules are set in the employee file.

Employee files are stored centrally in the OktoPOS Manager. Thus, the data is available throughout the system without redundant entry. From shift planning to time recording and cash register logon.

Employee work time infochart
Employee list in management software

Employee data base

Cash register with a login window

Employee login at the cash register

Contract Administration

The history of key contract data is stored in the employee file. This also serves for the calculation of labor-cost-ratios and for other reports.

Holiday Accounts

Tracking of vacation allowances.

Woman on vacation in front of the sea

The yearly vacation allowance and expiry is calculated from the contract data.

Absence days (sickness) can be kept track of as well.

Vacation requests and sickness leave periods trigger warning messages in shift planning if the employee is staffed for a time when he will not be available.

Bar chart of employee vacation accounts

Holiday account interface

Holiday account in the employee file

Benefit management

Easy reconciliation of surcharge payments with actually worked hours.

With the surcharge management function, you can calculate tax-privileged surcharges during public holidays and night shifts.

This function is directly connected to OktoTime.

HR employee in the office


Tracking of items that are handed out to employees.

Employee Workwear, Jacket, Shoes etc.

A checklist in the employee file. Items handed out to and returned by employees can be entered for tracking. (e.g. keys, uniform, etc.).

OktoPOS Manager on laptop, checklist in employee file

Checklist in employee file


Application receipt from your website in the OktoPOS Manager.

HR staff in an office

You can create job ads for vacancies that can be posted on your website. Applications can be sent through the website directly to the OktoPOS Manager. Incoming applications are managed in the OktoPOS Manager.

A desktop PC, laptop and smartphone
Overview of logged hours in the OktoPOS Manager

Vacancy Management


Applicant management

Several people in a job interview

OktoCareer - Personnel consulting software

With the separate OktoCareer module, you have a professional applicant management system at your disposal:

  • Job advertisements on your own website and on job exchanges
  • Applications received via the website, job exchanges and by e-mail
  • Creation of an applicant file
  • Electronic analysis of the CV
  • Legally compliant obtaining of consent to data processing
  • Deadline management for data protection and legally compliant deletion
  • Integrated communication with applicants via email
  • Evaluations of candidates
  • Maintenance of long and short lists
  • Creation of a pool of candidates
  • Management of vacancies
  • Resubmission function
  • Outlook connection
  • Reporting
OktoCareer on laptop with candidate file open

The OktoCareer module is suitable for companies that receive 10 or more applications per month. With OktoCareer you keep an overview, don't miss any deadlines and ensure a professional appearance on the labor market.

  • Keep track of the applicant
  • Don't miss any more deadlines
  • Professional appearance on the job market
  • Better decisions through more information
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