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Customer-Oriented Features and Modules for an Enhanced Customer Experience

Our portfolio of customer-oriented solutions includes everything you need to increase customer satisfaction and retention. With our versatile modules, such as customer cards, customer accounts, gift vouchers, and credit cards, we provide you with the tools to guarantee your customers a seamless and rewarding shopping experience. Also take advantage of our advanced feedback terminals, efficient reservation systems, and event planning tools.

In particular, our bonus points system opens up new ways to foster customer loyalty by rewarding visits and loyalty with targeted incentives. Design a customer experience with our solutions that not only satisfies but also retains and excites.

Customer card

Customer loyalty with bonus points and prepaid cards. Analyze purchasing behavior and reactivate customers.

Customer card example

Optimize the Customer Experience with OktoPOS Customer Accounts and Customer Cards.

With OktoPOS, you not only simplify the shopping process for your customers but also promote their loyalty. Customer accounts can be effortlessly created in the OktoPOS Manager or directly at the cash register. Customers also have the option to register online via your website. For every euro spent, your customers receive bonus points, which they can redeem for selected products.

Our customer cards offer flexible handling: they can be read contactlessly or via barcode and allow you to analyze purchasing behavior and use it specifically for marketing purposes. Additionally, OktoPOS supports invoice purchasing, where customers receive their invoices comfortably by email and you can efficiently track payment receipts in the accounts receivable list.

Credits can easily be loaded onto customer cards, and in the OktoPOS Manager, you have the option to maintain birthday lists and send personalized birthday letters. Also, use the option to credit your regular customers extra bonus points for special promotions or as compensation for complaints. Rely on OktoPOS to strengthen your customer loyalty and increase your revenue.

Customer with Card

Central customer database

OktoPOS Manager customer database interface

Customer selection at cash register

Cash register display with customer selection

Customer loyalty

1. Collecting Bonus Points

Customer collects bonus points on his card for purchases.

Collecting bonus points infographic

2. Redeeming Bonus Points

Customer redeems points for rewards.

Redeeming bonus points infographic
Infographic, bonuspoints

Bonus point account

OktoPOS Manager bonus point account screen

Redeeming bonus points at cash register

Cash register display, Redeeming bonus points


Bills can be booked on the customer account with the customer card. The invoices appear in the debtors list in the OktoPOS Manager. If the customer did not identify himself with a customer card at the time of purchase, the name can be added directly in the debtors list. The invoice can be sent as a PDF. Settled bills are marked accordingly.

Infographic, Process for paying by invoice

Debtor management

OktoPOS Manager debtor list screen

Prepaid Cards

Issue your own prepaid and gift-cards.

The cash register can charge customer cards with credit.

Sell your own gift cards with variable values. The value is loaded on the card at the point of sale. Values can be deducted in any amount. Empty cards can be recharged.

Prepaid cards can also be used in cafeterias and catering.

Card with falling euro coins
Customer Loyalty catalog cover

Customer functions in OktoPOS

When creating a voucher, there is the option to print it with the number and QR code with the receipt printer. The voucher can then be sapled in a printed cover.

When you use vouchers with separate numbers that are not generated by the system, the voucher-number can be entered when creating the value account.

An individual value account is stored in the OktoPOS Manager for anonymous gift vouchers and prepaid cards.

This enables partial redemption and use at multiple locations.

An internet connection to the OktoPOS Manager is needed at the time of loading money or charging money on an account, as the value is not stored in the cash register.

Plastic-cards with barcodes or QR codes can be used for prepaid- and customer cards. We recommend RFID cards because they are easier to handle for the operator and for the customer.

Please ask us for an offer for printed customer-cards.

Value credit

Gift voucher

Sell gift vouchers online and offline

Gift voucher examples

A dedicated value account is automatically created for each gift voucher. The account is charged at the time of sale of the voucher.

Partial redemptions are possible and the voucher can be re-charged.

The voucher can either be linked to an existing customer account or it can be sold anonymously. In this case, the voucher is linked to an anonymous customer account.

Vouchers do not represent sales when sold. Revenue is generated at redemption.

Self-printed vouchers can be used vouchers that are printed by OktoPOS Cash with the receipt-printer.

For self-printed vouchers, the voucher-number can either be generated by OktoPOS Cash and the number is written on the paper voucher or the number is already printed on the voucher and it is entered in the cash register at the time of sale. Thus, the voucher will be found when it is redeemed under this number.

Online sales of gift vouchers

Mobile phone and voucher examples

Simply sell gift vouchers through your own homepage. The OktoPOS voucher sale module is easily integrated with an iFrame.

The customer pays the voucher online and receives it by e-mail as a PDF in your design. Optionally, you can also send the voucher to the customer by mail.

Make yourself independent of third-party providers and sell your own vouchers with these advantages:

  • Independent from third parties
  • Hightlighting the own brand
  • Receive the address of the customer
  • Significant cost savings with high voucher sales

Software: SW-PRE

Customer account

Sell today, collect tomorrow.

This function is ideal for clubs, sales of ordered goods and for regular customers.

The balance on the customer account can be in credit or debit.

With it, your customers can make purchases or order goods at the checkout and pay later. This can be on the same day or well in the future, e.g. in 2 weeks or at delivery of the goods.

The function is suitable for clubs or for hotels whose members or guests make their purchases for the time being, have it written down and later settle the balance of your customer account directly at the checkout. As compensation any means of payment can be used for balances.

Deposit/withdrawal overview on customer cardMan at a table on a golf course

Okto-TopUp Terminal

Top up credit via hardware terminal or online shop.

With OktoPOS, prepaid cards and gift vouchers can easily be topped up with the desired credit. This can be done with the OktoTopUp hardware terminal and with an online top-up function.

The topped up prepaid cards can be used as a means of payment at an OktoPOS cash register or at an OktoPOS Self checkout terminal. E.g. in a company restaurant, at schools, etc.

OktoTopUp terminal with card payment terminal and receipt printer
Laptop with OktoTopUp Online Shop on the display
Website for topping up prepaid cards

Gift vouchers are usually loaded individually directly upon purchase. However, if the customer does not yet want to commit to an amount, he can do so at a later date.

For example, a restaurant issues a blank gift voucher with a serial number and the customer then loads it himself via the online shop.

Feedback Terminal - Okto-Feedback

Customer opinions are analyzed directly in the web based OktoPOS Manager.

Feedback tablet on a wall in the sanitary area
Display with rating smileys

Feedback terminals have a dual use. Customers can leave feedback (OktoFeedback) and employees can perform control checks with their staff card (OktoCheck).

The terminal captures customer feedback with smileys or with more detailed questions. For this purpose, individual questionnaires can be uploaded. The questionnaires can be altered over time to get feedback on different topics.

Feedback entries are sent directly to the OktoPOS Manager where they can be analyzed.

The app can also be used to record standard checks. This function may render the use of checklists, for example in WC areas, unnecessary. Every check is registered by holding the employee card in front of the terminal. Optionally, the terminal can display when the last check was performed and by whom. The recorded checks are transmitted to the OktoPOS Manager.

Infographic, Employee feedback in connection with shiftplan

Infographic, customer and employee feedback is collected on the server


  • Individual questionnaires
  • Branching of questionnaires
  • Different questionnaires
  • Assigning of a questionnaire to the terminal
  • Optional automatic change of questionnaires
  • Optional random order of questions
  • Detailed feedback through drill-down questions
  • Feedback entries are transferred to the OktoPOS Manager in real time
  • Feedback analysis in the OktoPOS Manager
  • Terminal can also be used as a checklist (e.g. rest rooms)
  • Employees can record checks with their staff card (RFID)

System Requirements

  • Software:
  • Android logo
  • Hardware:
  • Android tablet computer 7-13".
  • For OktoCheck NFC functionality is required.
  • Data connection:
  •  Wi-Fi / mobile

Booking System

Table booking system for telephone and online reservations.

Restaurant table with reserved sign

The booking system is a module of the OktoPOS Manager. Reservations can be done manually or online over the external website.

Customer reservation infographic

Booking list

OktoPOS Manager booking list screen

Table plan

OktoPOS Manager table plan screen

Individual Floor Plans

The floor plan for a branch is designed in the OktoPOS Manager by drag & drop. Different areas of the restaurant can be defined with different floor plans. Every area and every table can be configured separately.

Areas and tables can be opened or closed for reservations and be restricted for certain times.

The configured floor plans can also be used for the cash register and E-Menu.

OktoPOS Manager Customer reservation table layout screen

OktoPOS Manager customer reservation timechart screen


  • Telephone reservations
  • Online booking with availability check
  • E-Mail confirmations
  • Cancellation links
  • Booking list
  • Marking of no-shows
  • Blacklist function for repeated no-shows
  • Entry in newsletter list
  • Workload chart
  • Floor plan administration
  • Time based rules for availability of tables
  • Automatic assignment of tables for optimal capacity utilization

Event planning

With the event planner, you can announce events on your website and manage the list of participants.

With this feature, you can host events such as cooking classes, meetings, presentations, celebrations, etc. organize. Every employee has an overview of the status of the event via the OktoPOS Manager about the participants and is thus able to provide information directly on the phone.

Several people cooking

Event planning with lists of participants

OktoPOS Manager event planning interface


  • Administration of locations
  • Event templates
  • Date, time
  • Max. number of participants
  • Event description
  • List of participants
  • Payment status
  • Publication on your own website (interface)
  • Registration on your own website (interface)