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Mobile ordering with the OktoPOS cash register system

The OktoPOS system revolutionizes mobile ordering with a variety of options accessible directly through our user-friendly app. Our online shop is a browser-based app that works seamlessly on both mobile phones and desktops.

Customers do not need to install any software – a simple scan of a QR code, clicking a link, or entering your shop URL into a browser is sufficient to gain access. Discover the convenience and efficiency of OktoPOS Mobile Ordering and enhance your customers' shopping experience.

Online shop and Customer-App.
One app, many possibilities

Thanks to the configuration options and the use of different sales channels and payment methods, the app can be used universally:

  • As a digital menu display for restaurants.
  • As a take away app for pre-orders including in-app payment.
  • As an electronic menu including ordering in the restaurant (bring your own device).
  • As a shop for delivery services.
  • As an online shop for retail.
  • Showing your current menu card on your website.
  • As a virtual cashregister.
  • As a room service app for hotels.

Digital menu card

Restaurant menu as a QR code on the front door.

In times of constant changes of menus and prices, it is bothersome to keep printing new menus.

Instead, just let your customers scan a QR code on your door. If activated, customers can directly place orders with their phones.

Infographic, digital menu
Smartphone with customer app on the display
Menus QR code
Paper bag with burger icon

Take Away App

mobile ordering

Smartphone with Takeaway App on the display

Make pick-up Orders by Smartphone.

Takeaway Animation
Monitor in the kitchen with orders

Orders run up in the OktoPOS Manager, at the cash registers and kitchen stations.

Online payment or payment on site.

Diagram showing the connection to the Takeaway App

Bring your own Device

Smartphone with Menu, QR-Code on table
Smartphone with Menu, QR-Code on table

Order at the Table by Smartphone.

Scanning a QR code on the table to load the app and assign the table number.

Gif animation, BYOD process
Animation, money flies from drawer into piggy bank

Tip function

Infographic, BYOD process

Delivery online shop

The OktoPOS online shop is fully integrated into the OktoPOS system and thus offers maximum functionality without the need for interfaces to external systems and without manual data transfer.

Smart car with Sushi Factory logo

For just-in-time delivery service (pizza, sushi, salads, etc.).

Payment methods logos, including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard

Online payment or optional cash payment at the front door.

Representation of the connection of online shops

Everything in one system

Telephone orders and online orders are processed in the OktoPOS Manager. The tours can be planned in the order incoming list.

The item data is transferred directly from the merchandise management to the shop. Prices, product descriptions, photos, allergen and nutritional information are always up to date.

When planning the route, various factors such as capacity utilization, production time and distance are taken into account. The travel time is determined via Google Maps. The route can be displayed via a Google Maps interface.

Delivery online shop infographic


  • Taking orders by telephone
  • Online orders
  • Integration with customer database
  • Customer history
  • Integrated into merchandise management
  • Driver assignment/driver billing
  • Integrated billing
  • Kitchen expression / Driver expression / Customer expression
  • Allergens, nutritional values
Delivery service management Bestelleingang

Interface to delivery service platforms

Via an aggregator interface, orders from common delivery service platforms such as Lieferando, Uber Eats and Wolt are transferred directly to the OktoPOS system, to the checkout and to the kitchen station. Incoming orders no longer have to be entered into the cash register manually and there is no need for paper printing.

Orders from the 20 most important delivery service platforms such as Lieferando, Uber Eats, Foodora, Magento and Wolt (All platforms) are transferred directly into the OktoPOS system to the checkout and kitchen station. Incoming orders no longer have to be entered into the cash register manually and there is no need for paper printing.


The OktoPOS web shop is fully integrated into the OktoPOS system and thus offers maximum functions without the need for interfaces to external systems and without manual data transfers.

Webshop on laptop and smartphone
Click & collect terminal on the outside of the shop window

Also for click and collect.

Online and cash payment possible with click & collect.

Diagram of the function/connection of the web shop
Supermarket cashiers in front of a checkout

Click & collect for retail.

Article on the website

Diagram of the function/connection of the web shop

Show your Articles on your Website.

OktoPOS enables the display of current articles and offers on the website.

Connection of the article display on the website, diagram


Taking Orders in the Lobby

Unleash the Full Revenue Potential of Your Lobby with QR Code Ordering

In many hotel lobbies, revenue potential remains untapped as guests often wait a long time for service and ultimately do not place an order. A simple and effective solution: Place QR codes on the tables in your lobby. Guests can conveniently view the menu via their smartphone and place orders directly.

Each order is immediately forwarded to the kitchen and the cash register, speeding up the service and enhancing your guests' satisfaction. Use QR codes to offer your guests fast, efficient service while fully exploiting your sales potential.

Table display with menu QR code
Presentation of the connection in hotels

Room service

Smartphone with order menu on display
Display of the connection in the room service

Ordering from the Hotel Room

Make better use of the sales potential of room service. No tablets or other installation in the room necessary. Just a QR code.

The orders go directly to the kitchen and cash register / PMS.

Smartphone with order app in hotel room

Order at the pool

Presentation of the connection in hotels, at the pool
Smartphone with order interface, pool in the background

Orders at the Pool or Beach

Maximize the Revenue Potential of Your Outdoor Areas with QR Code Ordering Systems

Outdoor areas such as pools, beaches, or terraces offer great revenue potential, which is often not utilized, especially due to high staffing costs and logistical challenges. Mobile ordering systems provide a modern and cost-effective solution. By simply placing QR codes on the side tables, your guests can order food and beverages independently via their smartphone.

These orders are sent directly to the kitchen and the cash register, reducing the need for constant staff presence and increasing service efficiency. Use this innovative technology to fully exploit the revenue potential in your outdoor areas while offering your guests quick and comfortable service.

Virtual cash register

Order app on smartphone on the beach, canoe in the background

Mobile Payments with OktoPOS – Simple and Anywhere

Are you often on the move or need a flexible solution for temporary sales locations, such as home visits or pop-up events? The OktoPOS Shop makes it possible. Simply integrate a QR code on your business card or a flyer. Your customers scan this code with their smartphone, select the desired products or services, and pay directly via their mobile device.

This uncomplicated solution not only facilitates the payment process but also optimizes your sales process without the need for additional hardware. Offer your customers a seamless and modern shopping experience with OktoPOS – no matter where you are.

Diagram, implementation of the virtual cash register

Mobile ordering features

Integrated material management

Simple configuration and activation

No installation of the app necessary

Adding customers to your database

The online shop can use the same article database that is also used by the cash register. No need for redundant data-entry.

For desktop and smartphones

Article data management online in the OktoPOS Manager

Fully integrated into the article management of the OktoPOS Manager, cash register and kitchen station

The customer receives an invoice as a PDF

KassenSichV compliant (Germany)

RKSV compliant (Austria)

Also available without OktoPOS cash register

Proper tax accounting, document creation and storage of transactions.


Allergen filter

Orders are visible on the kitchen station, kitchen printer and cash register.

Payment in the shop (cashless) or at the checkout (all payment methods).

Various branches and sales channels (in-house, take away, delivery service) in one app.

Tip function

Differentiation of prices per branch and sales channel possible.