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Management of all pos OktoPOS modules in one place

With the OktoPOS management software, you have a comprehensive and integrated reporting, controlling and website content management at your disposal. All information and data from the numerous modules flow together here quickly and up-to-date. You always have a good insight into your business processes and can react immediately. With functions for tax consultants and sales export, the work for your financial accounting is made much easier.


Comprehensive real time reporting.

Manager in the office at the desk

Anything any time

The OktoPOS Manager enables access to reports on a wide variety of topics that are always up-to-date. Even sales made just seconds ago are immediately included in the reports. Thanks to the high computing power of the server and optimized program structures, even complex evaluations can be performed in a flash.

For individual further processing, evaluations can easily be exported to Excel. Additionally, it is possible to create PDF documents for documentation from most analyses. Since data from all modules flow into the OktoPOS Manager, evaluations are also possible that combine data from different areas, such as the labor cost ratio or product calculations.

Display of the areas for which reports can be created
Monthly sales report in the management software

Monthly sales


Control happens when the relevant information is coming to you, and you do not have to gather the information you need. Due to the multitude of processes and transactions of different kinds in a branch, it is impossible to keep control without an efficient and interconnected system.

Subscribe to the management report that delivers you the KPIs you need by daily e-mail. Use the drill-down function to gain a deeper insight. Since all data is available in one single system, it is possible to drill down to the raw data.

Use the combination of data to your advantage. For instance, analyze the margins report to determine on which days which articles contribute the most -or least- to your profits.

Through the differentiated rights structure, you can define which employee has access to which data of which branch. More than 50 reports are available in the OktoPOS Manager.

Management software reports matrix


Maximum transparency by linking data from various modules.

Managers of multi-unit operations know the importance of current data and how difficult it is to get it.

OktoPOS delivers the information fast and complete like no other system. OktoPOS provides the compass you need to keep your company on track.

Desk with printed reports with charts
Overview of the business evaluation in the management software

Proforma P&L

From bean counters to visionaries

Effective management needs to not only see the big picture, but also pay attention to details. Thanks to the integrated approach, OktoPOS offers the complete spectrum. From profitability of a branch to the single transaction.

Drill Down

For a better understanding of the reports, you can drill down to individual transaction records.

Proforma P&L

You can see your daily P&L for each branch in the OktoPOS Manager. The required data comes from the cash register, articles, recipes and purchasing prices as well as personnel cost according to time and attendance and employment contracts. Occupancy cost, depreciation and other cost are defined as a lump sum or in relation to sales individually for each branch.

Sales and earnings in the cash register management software

The only cash register that not only shows sales but bottom line success.

Listing of the sales decisive factors in the management software

For tax consultant

Functions and information for tax consultants

Satisfied accountant at desk

How do I get my client's data?

OktoPOS offers a login for tax consultants. With that you have access to all the important areas of the system. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. In the browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome) you get into the OktoPOS system of your client. Ask your client for the access data. We set up the tax consultant access individually for your clients system if your client sends the request.

Is there a DATEV export?

Yes, FiBu Export is compatible with Datev and all other common accounting programs.

Can I also export several branches at once?

Yes. If your client operates multiple branches, you can select multiple branches for export, and export the sales into one file.

Can the sales data also be imported into my accounting system on a daily basis?

In principle, it is possible for the OktoPOS system to store the sales export on your server on a daily basis. There is a one-off cost to set up the automatic export. Because of the simple and very fast handling of the sales export in the OktoPOS Manager, which usually is only done once a month with very little time, the automated connection is not worthwhile in most cases and brings hardly any time advantage.

Where can I find the GoBD export for tax audits in Germany?

In the OktoPOS Manager under OktoPOS > Data Export > Data Export (GoBD)

Where can I find the documentation for the GoBD export?

In the OktoPOS Manager under OktoPOS > System > System Support

Where can I find the DSFINV-K export for tax audits in Germany?

In the OktoPOS Manager under OktoPOS > Data Export > DSFinV-K Export

Where can I find a template for the internal control system?

In the OktoPOS Cash manual under OktoPOS > System > System Support.

Can the OktoPOS Manager be deleted after the end of the contract?

From our point of view, the OktoPOS Manager and data are subject to the statutory retention periods. In case of a subsequent tax audit, system access can be requested. A pure data export is sufficient regularly does not meet the requirements. However, we cannot and must not make any legal or legal representations in this regard and follow the instructions of our clients.

How do I post the sales?

The easiest way is to use the financial accounting export. You can find it in the left navigation in the OktoPOS Manager Financial Accounting –> Financial Accounting Export.

The export is generated in seconds at the push of a button as a CSV file. This CSV file is recognized and interpreted by your accounting program when you import them.

Which periods can I book?

You have the choice between individual transactions, entire days or other selectable periods such as weeks or months.

If you choose a period, e.g. a month, you can choose whether the sales for the entire period are to be accumulated or broken down into individual days.

So with a single export, once a month, you can book every single day of the month in no time.

Which document summarizes the daily sales for accounting?

Please use the cash report. You can find it under FiBu > Cash register accounts and reports > Cash report. In contrast to the cash register closing or Z-report, the cash register report always covers an entire business day, even if several cash registers were closed on the day. The cash register report represents the tax basis for financial accounting in the OktoPOS system.

What does it mean if the cash report is preliminary?

The cash report is provisional until the OktoPOS Manager has ensured that all bookings arrived at the cash register in the OktoPOS Manager. This determination can only be made when the first receipt of the following day is posted. This is the only way for the OktoPOS Manager to clearly identify which was the last receipt number of day.

Where can I find the DEP export for tax audits in Austria?

In the OktoPOS Manager under OktoPOS > Data export > Export DEP (Austria)

Where can I find the TSE export for tax audits in Germany?

In the OktoPOS Manager under OktoPOS > data export > TSE data export

Where can I find further information?

In the FAQ you will find information and videos for accounting (OktoPOS > System > FAQ). The manual can be found under OktoPOS > System > System Support.

Where can I find a template for the procedural documentation?

In the OktoPOS Cash manual under OktoPOS > System > System Support.

Accounting export

Export sales to the financial accounting at the push of a button

Tax consultant with accounting exports

The sales export makes the work for financial accounting much easier.

Sales are exported from the OktoPOS Manager as a CSV file and imported into the accounting program.

The export can be set to be compatible with all accounting programs, including Datev of course.

POS system software sales export settings

Setting options for sales export

Sales can be exported in one go for multiple days and multiple stores.

To set up the export, store the plan of accounts in the OktoPOS Manager and assign every item to a revenue account depending on the sales tax rate. So you can see the turnover in your BWA and P&L. If necessary, split them up according to product groups or categories.

Website Content Management

Control your external website with the OktoPOS Manager.

Woman on the beach using laptop with CMS

With the OktoPOS Manager, you can control functions and content on your external website.

Display of the controllable functions via the CMS

Content is transmitted via a plug-in from the OktoPOS Manager to your website, where it is displayed staying true to your design.

CMS input mask for creating news entries

Web news management

News / Promotion

Keep your customers informed about news and promotions. You can write news articles with the news editor and upload them to your homepage.

Validity periods can be defined for each news article, which allows you to plan promotional offers accordingly.


With the event planner, you can manage participant lists for events like cooking classes, seminars, etc. The events can be posted on your website.

Frequently asked questions

With the FAQ editor, you can gather common customer questions and provide the answers. This keeps your customers informed and saves effort in customer support. Keep the FAQ updated as new topics arise.

The questions and answers are published on your website.