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Electronic cash book via the POS system

With the electronic cash book module OktoJournal you fulfill the legal obligation to keep a cash book. Cash balances as well as deposit and withdrawal receipts are recorded directly at the checkout and stored in the cloud in accordance with the law. The protection is provided by a certified TSE.

Electronic cash book - OktoJournal

Your electronic cash book

Cash box and tablet electronic cash book

OktoJournal is your electronic cash book with entry on the touchscreen. For cash registers and vault books.

only € 9,90 / month

One-time costs for hardware and setup: € 999

No more hassle with handwritten notes.

All deposit and withdrawal receipts from the cash register are recorded via the touchscreen and stored in the cloud.

No tedious fiddling with mouse and keyboard. The Touchscreen OktoJournal recording terminal stands directly next to the cash register. This ensures that every document is actually posted immediately.

Avoid the rejection of your accounting by the tax office due to formal deficiencies in the cash book.

Cash books must not be kept in Excel. The records are to be recorded promptly and unchangeably. All records must be stored securely.


  • Electronic cash book
  • Tax office compliant
  • Tamper proof
  • Easy entry of receipts via touch screen
  • Storage and automatic backups in the cloud
  • Financial accounting export
  • Cash check function
  • Evaluations in the cloud
  • Accountant access
  • Optional recording of usernames for each transaction
  • Information about the target cash balance at any time
  • Multi-client capable (several cash books on one platform)
  • PDF Export
  • Excel Export (for internal evaluations)


View of the cash book homepage

Home page


View of the electronic cash book

Cash book in the cloud

Listing of the evaluations in the cash book

Evaluation in the cloud

Settings in the electronic cash book

Management of settings in the cloud

OktoJournal is a recording terminal with an electronic cash book for cash registers or cash registers without recording sales tax.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1. Why is OktoJournal only offered as a monthly license?

Nowadays, tax software is subject to constant changes and updates.
The ongoing update costs are included in the monthly license.
Furthermore, the tax office-compliant storage of the data including backups is included.
So you don't have to worry about anything else and can look forward to tax audits with ease.

2. Can I also install the Touch Terminal on my own hardware?

No. OktoJournal can only be used with our recording terminal.

3. Is training included in the cost?

The program is very easy to use. A brief introductory training session via phone or video conference is included.

4. What is the payment method?

Monthly license fees are paid annually in advance.

5. What is the notice period?

You can cancel OktoJournal at any time at the end of the year.

6. Can I export my data from the cloud myself?

Yes, through your access to the cash book management you can export the cash book, the GoBD export, the DSFinV-K export and the individual postings at any time from the cloud.

7. Why is OktoJournal offline-capable when the cash book is in the cloud?

The recordings are made with the touch terminal. The Touch Terminal is an offline program. As soon as the Touch Terminal has an Internet connection (WLAN or LAN), it automatically transmits the individual postings in your cash book administration in the cloud.

8. What do I have to do if I want to use OktoJournal?

  • You conclude a license agreement with us online.
  • You order the touch terminal and pay the bill and license for the first year.
  • You will receive your touch terminal and access to your cash book in the cloud within 7 work days.

9. Will there be any support costs?

Usually not. The brief included beginner training should be sufficient. If you have any questions in between, feel free to contact us during office hours.

10. Can I also issue sales invoices with OktoJournal?

No. You can use our electronic touch cash register OktoPOS Cash for this.

11. I use OktoPOS Cash as a cash register. Do I still need OktoJournal?

The cash book is already integrated in OktoPOS Cash. You only need OktoJournal if you want to keep other cash books that are not related to a cash register. E.g. a safe book or a cash book for the cash register in the office.